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A Monetisation Of Transaction Fees

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One Fee is the transaction charge for a revolutionary decentralised payment network that lets the market determine its cost of use. Fee cost 0.0001 BTC each throughout the sale. Thereafter Fee will trade at a price that may rise or fall. To earn Fee just sign up and share.

Ten Reasons Why You'll Love Fee ...


Fee Central lets you buy, earn, send and receive Fee. Payments can be sent to a username, an email address or an invoice and always at a cost of 1.00 FEE which goes to the last valid referrer (LVR) using a Proof of Referral (PoR) algorithm.


Fee Blockchain lets you transfer Fee securely and anonymously via its P2P network at a cost of 1.00 FEE which goes to miners using a Proof of Work (PoW) Scrypt algorithm. Fee Blockchain makes Fee a decentralized currency that can be sold on exchanges.


Fee Wallet is available for all major platforms and allows you to send and receive Fee securely and anonymously using Fee Blockchain. As Fee is open source there may also be third party Fee wallets available to choose from.


Fee Daemon lets you run your own version of Fee on your server, allowing you to access the Fee Core API using a JSON-RPC interface, enabling the creation of wallets and addresses and the sending and receiving of Fee in a totally trustless manner.


Fee Endpoint is the name given to the simple to use API provided by Fee Central that allows the creation of wallets and addresses and the sending and receiving of Fee programatically from your website or app in white label manner.


Fee Explore is the offical Fee Block Explorer provided by Fee Central that allows anybody to look up Fee Blockchain transactions to see whether they've been sent or confirmed. As Fee is open source there may be third party block explorers available.


Fee Social makes Fee Central a social network. It uses payments between users as an indicator of connectivity and lets you share content and selected payments with all those you're connected with. Payments you share will be posted to the recipient's profile.


Fee Banking allows anyone - using Fee Daemon or Fee Endpoint - to operate their own Fee bank, charging users 1.00 FEE every time they send a payment to another user and pocket the charge in accordance with Fee Banking's Proof of Control (PoC) protocol.


Fee Commerce is the new ecommerce. Not only does Fee reward users for promoting it but it also rewards vendors for accepting it, thanks to Fee Central's Proof of Referral (PoR) algorithm which rewards both vendors and affiliates alike.


Fee Finance is the global financial system that will be underpinned and fueled by Fee. It will attract Free Market Capitalists from all over the world who believe in a currency whose value is derived from the perceived worth in being able to move it from one party to another.

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